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The smartest bottle

The iBo has a 3 layer filtration system that consists of Nano-fibre membrane made with the help of nanotechnology which will help to remove 99.9999% of microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa, this membrane has a pore size of 0.2 microns that will not allow any microorganisms to pass through it. Coconut activated carbon which will be able to remove odour, chemicals and chlorine contents from the water.

The third stage of our filter consists of a mineral add-on feature that will add minerals to the water and make the water slightly alkaline so that it is beneficial for the health of our customer. The alkalinity of the water can kill viruses.

Product Details.


Unique 3 layer filtration system. Lamaara’s patented technology.

Global media

The perfect solution to all water problems globally.

Mobile App

Personalized app to connect the IBO with users.


Sleek, lightweight durable built makes iBo easy to carry.

Dehydration alert

Algorithm monitors dehydration levels and helps you stay hydrated.


Available to our customers at the most reliable prices.

Versions and Releases.

₹ 499

IBO - Alpha

The iBo-Alpha is the base model that provide our users with clean drinking water. It has 3 layer filtration technology and can filter up to 5000 litres of water (Per filter cartridge).  IBO-Alpha comes with customizable bottle graffiti designs and professional designs. Pre-order now to never miss it.

IBO - Beta

The iBo-Beta version comes with the smart technology with a user-friendly mobile application. It has got 3-layer filtration system. Dehydration alert helps its users stay hydrated. OLED display on bottle provides the best user experience.

Ibo - Gamma

The iBo-Gamma is the first of its kind. It enables the users to make the contained liquid hot or cold within seconds with the help of Lamaara’s patented technology. It has an inbuilt OLED display as well as mobile application that allow users to interact with iBo.

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