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Introducing Mom pot, designed to enhance your gardening

This is a smart pot that can grow a plant from its seed, without any human guidance for the minimum of 5 months. Our pot can detect sunlight, weather conditions, temperature etc. It also has a smart system that can provide the plant with adequate fertilizers & water as per the plant’s need.

The solution for Industry

  • Research purposes: since this pot can monitor all the necessary conditions required for a plant like a temperature, humidity, fertility, water level & sunlight. Agricultural research labs can use our pot to monitor the growth of the rice plant, the maize plant, medicinal herbs, shrubs etc. as required. Our pot comes in various sizes, thereby allowing it to monitor multiple plants at the same time.
  • Terrace farming: people living in multi-storied buildings(especially cities) can use
    this pot to farm small vegetable plants, flowering plants etc. on the terrace or
    even inside their flats.
  • No human involvement required: people can leave their plant at their homes
    and go for a trip or business for several days. The pot will take complete care of the plant during those days.

Current Problem in Industry

The devices available in the market are very complicated to use and they also use multiple devices to monitor
the same plant.
All devices need human supervision.

Proposed Solution

Built-in sensors and machine learning allow the smart pot to monitor & control a plant’s growth from seedling to a fully grown plant without any human supervision. This pot has multiple sensors that allow it to take a reading of various sensors at the same time and alert them to the user. The user can also receive SMS of all the
reading in the pot.

Brief Detail of Solution

My group and I have recently developed a smart pot called ‘MOM PIT’. It is a pot that can monitor and control the growth of an entire plant from a seed to a matured plant, using suitable sensors, motors, microprocessors, machine learning technology and coding. The major highlight of this pot is that the pot’s body is made of a completely biodegradable material (made from the shell of commonly seen African algae in India) and thereby making our product very eco-friendly.

The pot can sense when the soil is dry and feed the plant with the adequate amount of water at specific time intervals. It has a fertilizer bank included which will provide the plant with the right amount of fertilizer by monitoring the soil fertility at any given time. The pot has a heat sensor kit that learns the plant’s adaption to temperatures around it and later alerts the user of harsh temperature conditions. All of Pot’s hardware is completely equipped with machine learning software that helps to increase growth efficiency and lifespan of the plant. There are LED lights provided in the pot to inform the sensor outputs to the user.

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